Where to begin? (Preview)

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Fiction Unboxed

Fiction Unboxed is a first-of-its-kind “writing performance” in which two successful, full-time authors wrote and published a 100,000-word book in 30 days … while a live audience watched every little detail of the process, with nothing held back.

Where to begin?

Look, we’ll level with you … there’s a lot of content in Fiction Unboxed!

That’s why we made this introduction video for you, to give you an idea of what’s next and what to expect. We strongly recommend you watch it, because it covers a lot of ground that will get us all on the same page.

You’re about to experience a 30-day project that was conducted live, and that’s why you’ll hear us talk about live stuff, voting, and so on Kickstarter backers got to offer story ideas and vote on several aspects of the project as it was moving forward. Since we don’t have a time machine, you won’t have to worry about that part.

But you’re not missing anything by not listening live, we promise.

Have a look; it’s short!

NOTE: In this video, we mention an “edited version of Fiction Unboxed” that was planned to go up on the Udemy website and that would contain “neat” openings like this video has. We ended up going a different direction (you’re welcome), so you can simply ignore that bit, read on after watching this, and experience Unboxed the same way our original “Unboxers” did! 

What’s next?

We’ve made this course as an archive that sticks every bit of Fiction Unboxed’s content — all of the videos, audios, daily raw draft copy, our notes, etc. — in one central place.

If you’re new to Fiction Unboxed, the best way to go through the content, in our humble opinion, is to start at the beginning.

That means starting at the top and beginning to read (You’ll always have navigation links on the right side so you can see where you are).

When you encounter a video, you can watch it, listen to the audio, or read the transcript. When you finish a day, click the “Complete Lesson” button at the bottom of the page, and move on. (After you mark a lesson complete, you’ll see a Next Lesson button at the top, and there’s always a link to the next day at the bottom, too.)

That’s the way our original live audience experienced Unboxed, and the way that probably makes the most sense for you to experience it, too.

So hop on in!

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