Day Zero Minus Eight: The Origin Story and Kickstarter Backer Party (Preview)

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This Feels as Big as It is

Yippee skippee Unboxers, we did it.

Mostly you. Our hardest part is yet to come. For the most part you’ll get to sit back and watch, maybe throw things at Dave, or gasp at my giant beak (I didn’t know it was that big!).

In case you didn’t know, Fiction Unboxed began as a Kickstarter project — a way to prove whether this idea was something people wanted to watch, or if it was some crazy narcissistic attention-grab.  As grueling as the Kickstarter campaign was, it was equally rewarding. Those backers not only validated the idea of writing an entire book, in public, in thirty days, but they also did something we never expected. They formed a community.

So, while this isn’t strictly part of the actual “performance,” I think it’s important enough in our project’s timeline to quote from the final Kickstarter campaign update:

I was stepping on my stomach through the last couple of minutes.

I didn’t know the countdown would finish with seconds, I figured it would stretch a minute then leave us with a zero.

Johnny texted, “Now they’re counting down by seconds. That’s not nerve wracking or anything.”

It was, but it was also a helluva minute, not quite as swollen as the ones just before Ethan or Haley were born, but in an odd way not all that far off.

Because this feels as big as it is.

In the final minute, a backer named Robbie said, “One of the cool things about this project is that I think the guys have found their 1000 True Fans – or at least 976 of us.

I LOVE that sentiment.

THAT is absolutely one of our biggest reasons for starting this project, and shaping it through every iteration, sanding it down until it was glassy because good enough was only a breeze to the storm.

Not everyone here is (by definition) a True Fan. Nor is everyone who listens to our shows or reads our books. True Fans are with us for everything, and it’s amazing to know there are hundreds of awesome people who are part of this project, read our stories already, and listen to one or both of our shows.

Those are the truest of the True Fans and each day I wake up early with a giant smile ready to work hard to earn your affection.

To every True Fan who backed this project. THANK YOU!

We could not have done this without you. We owe our lives as they are to all that you do.

To everyone else, we hope you’re True Fans by the time we finish “Blunderbuss.” We hope to excite you enough that you’ll want to read more of our books and share more of our stories. Maybe even listen to one of our shows. Well, not Better Off Undead/Worst. Show. Ever. No one should listen to that.

Thank you for making sure that this not only happened, but turned into something so substantial. This is already amazing, and hasn’t yet started.

To say thank you to all our backers (and because Johnny needed an excuse to swirl his White Russian), we held a celebratory Hangout. Here’s the full video:

The Fiction Unboxed Backers After Party



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