Day 1 (Preview)

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OMG OMG OMG! We’re so, soooo excited to get started with Fiction Unboxed 1.5!

Fiction Unboxed was like nothing else we’d ever done before. The energy surrounding the project was amazing (THANK YOU for that, Unboxers!), and it was pretty much the most creatively rewarding experience in our lives so far.

So yes, we were excited to return to that energy and give you more. We were excited for the energy, the enthusiasm, and the inspiration. The fact that we’re doing it as part of NaNoWriMo this year is extra exciting… the rest of the writing world is writing novels this month, so why not join in?

But additionally, we’re excited for reasons that, frankly, most of you can’t begin to imagine. New stuff that you haven’t seen. AMAZING stuff.

See, Sean has put in over 50 HOURS just on beats and world-building for this project, which we’re tentatively calling “The Tech Engine,” named after Nova’s “sci-fi” engine, versus the dream-centric engine in Alterra.

But he didn’t just talk about Nova. He talked about the entire world.

We get into that a bit today in the kickoff meeting, but just keep in mind that you’ll get to see a video tour of that world tomorrow, when Sean takes you through the Tech Engine Scrivener file (and by the way, a lot of this work overlaps with book 3, still untitled, which we’ll write immediately after Fiction Unboxed 1.5 ends). That happens tomorrow. It’s off the hook!

In the meeting below, you’ll see us discuss the framework of 1.5, what’s different, what’s the same, what excites us, which challenges we anticipate, what we’re doing with the world, and more. And we also talk a bit about the WorldBuilder Summit we held in Austin this September with our 5 attendees, and all we decided there … and why the inclusion of these 5 amazing writers in the world, as canon, inspires us on this project.

Enjoy the kickoff!

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